Becoming somone


Crossfit Foundations

After this mornings workout my face was blood red, my legs sore from the squats, and my arms tender like noodles as a result of the burpees. I finished the squat series and I’m still alive!

Today marked the completion of the Foundation Course at Crossfit Ridgeline and it has been super fun. The course consisted of 3 classes that taught the basic moves, but also showed the more complex ones. 

Since I had work I wasn’t able to make it to any of the group sessions, but Ryan, the gym owner, was great and set up personal times that were best for me. He was very easy to work with and contact. 

During the first session I was bummed that I was so out of shape but it felt amazing to get such a great workout. The WODs are intense, but worth it. Rather than dwelling on my fitness level, I tried to focus more on form. 

Coach Taylor was the trainer who oversaw the sessions that I attended. He was super great with motivating and instructing me and the other people in our smaller group. New to lifting I had quite a few questions and felt very comfortable asking him. He did an amazing job explaining and answering them. 

This past week I’ve felt amazing after doing Crossfit. I feel strong, awake, and ready to do more. I feel like it has been the help of the Ridgeline staff. I can’t express how welcoming and great everyone I had interacted with at Crossfit Ridgeline. They made me feel comfortable which is all I can ask for in a gym. I’m excited to meet more of the members and staff in the regular classes. 

With the foundation moves under my belt I’m allowed to attend the regular classes. Although I’m a little nervous, I’m super excited to see what my body can do. 

I really encourage anyone to give Crossfit a try, I’ve had a great experience so far!

I’ll update with my progress as I continue!

See you at the box!